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Feb 8, 2016
It's week four of my YA contemporary being on Wattpad. My book has done so much better this week than last. I did make a few changes. I changed the title yet again. I thought THEN THERE WAS US was too long. When I asked my parents for their opinion, they said it sounded more like a romance. I tried STALKER LOVE, but for some reason this title makes me cringe. Not to mention, there are so many similar titles on the site. Finally, I decided on AUGUSTINE. I like the way it sounds and it's easy to search.

With a new title, I had to make a new cover. Here's one I shared on Twitter:

The poppies are actually symbolic to the story. The poppy scene is one I'm longing to write. On top of that, I spent hours yesterday messing around with Windows Movie Maker, trying to create a trailer. By the end of it all, I managed to slap something together that's decent in my eyes. Trailers are hard you guys. It's actually more of a teaser trailer.

I'm still reading on the site and having a ton of fun interacting with everyone. I'm so glad I decided to post my story, even if not much comes from it. At least I can say I tried.

As always, happy reading and writing.
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