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A Check in for January

Jan 21, 2016

January is almost over, so I thought I'd stop in to tell you guys what I've been up to. The picture above is of my cork board. I'm 13k into my YA contemporary, and yesterday I finally decided that I needed to go back and outline what I've written. I love being a pantser, but a strange thing always happens where I run out of scenes. I guess I'd used up all of the ones that were floating around in my mind. It usually happens at the end of act one. No worries though. After some brainstorming, I know how I want to wrap up this act. I'm excited.

You probably didn't see it, but I wrote a post about posting my story to Wattpad. I ended up deleting it because I thought I'd changed my mind. Here I am blogging about it again. I've uploaded the first chapter of my YA contemporary, THEN THERE WAS US. I'm kind of doing a little experiment to see if I can grow an audience on the site, or make a ton of new friends. It's almost been a week. This Friday makes a week since the story's been up. I have a cover I love, a decent description, and tons of hope.

I've been looking for more opportunities to get my work out there. I've found some, but then the nerves set in. I tend to doubt myself, thinking I'm totally not good enough to enter such a contest. I know it's silly to think that way because you truly never know unless you try. In the same vain as above, I entered a one shot contest on Wattpad. The theme was New Year's resolutions, and I had fun writing my entry. It's called The Riot Queens, and it's about wanting to be someone else for a change.

YARWA Editing Workshop
I signed up for a workshop on editing your NaNo novel. I believe this is our second week. So far I've learned so many new tips and tricks for editing. We only focus on our first chapter, but the plan is to take what we've learned and apply it to our whole manuscript. I honestly have a love, hate relationship with the story I wrote for NaNo. It's written in a completely different style than what I'm used to, third person and the tone is lighter. Maybe I'll also be putting it up on Wattpad. We'll see.

So these have been some of my highlights in January so far. What were/are some of yours?
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