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Pinterest Boards for Story Inspiration

Dec 3, 2015

This is my second post today. I couldn't wait until tomorrow to publish. Athena over at One Word At A Time wrote a wonderful post about Pinterest storyboards. I was so inspired by it I wanted to do my own. I'm such a fan of Pinterest. While some writers go gaga for Twitter or Facebook, I'd much rather spend my free time pinning photos I love. I think it shows. I have over eighteen thousand pins you guys. I am so not ashamed. Okay, maybe I am a little. There's so much inspiration and so little time.

Like Athena did, I've put together a short list of inspiring Pinterest boards. I follow so many pinners that a lot of these are random and some I've been eyeing for ages. From storyboards, to character boards, and boards that are just plain pretty to look at, I hope you guys enjoy.


Character Boards

A Few Inspiring Boards

If you're on Pinterest, I'd love to follow you. Leave a link to your boards in the comments. Of course you can always follow me on Pinterest at tajoseph.
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