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Wanting to Write Something New

Dec 1, 2015

Since finishing NaNo I've been itching to write something new. The problem is, I have no idea what I want to write or where to begin. I've been thinking about maybe writing a short story or some flash fiction. I remember, in high school, I had a blog where I used to write flash fiction inspired by photographs. I wish I had those stories to share now. That would be a nice trip down memory lane.

Last month I made a writing schedule for myself and pinned it to my cork board. That's the photo you see above. My December novel, tentatively titled Lovely MG, is supposed be my newest project. I thought I had an idea of what to write, based on a novel I started late last year. Now I'm having second thoughts about it. I truly want to write with passion and sometimes that mean sacrifices have to be made, ideas get tossed aside.

The idea for my NaNo novel came out of nowhere. Well, it came so fast it shocked me. That made writing fun and exciting. Although I do keep an SNI journal, I've found that some of these ideas aren't so great. There is one thing I wrote down that I like the idea of and might be spun into something, a line born from this illustration. I'll keep it a secret for now because I'm still so unsure. Maybe I might go forward with the original idea, maybe even combine the two ideas. One thing I do know is, if I do write this month it'll be at my own pace. I'll take my time, savoring every single word.

I hope they come to me soon. 
2 comments on "Wanting to Write Something New"
  1. Sometimes, you have to work through the bad ideas to find the great new ones.

    You'll find your next SNI soon :)

    1. You're certainly right! I'm looking forward to that moment.