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Favorites From My Writing Playlist: Indie

Nov 11, 2015
My taste in music has certainly grown over the years. I am no longer that teen that only listens to one particular type of music. I've branched out, tested the waters, and I have come to the conclusion that indie is one of my favorite genres. Today I'd like to share a few indie songs I really like. I tried to pick songs/artists that aren't so known.

1. Meg & Dia - Summer Clothes

I used to have a major crush on Meg & Dia. I've recently rediscovered them, and I just love this song. As the song implies, it's perfect for summer.

2. Jaymay - Sea Green, See Blue

This is new to my playlist, but I think it's really charming. 

3. Little May - Boardwalks 

I think this song is quite lovely, but that's only because I can't find the perfect words to describe how much I truly love it.

4. Lisa Hannigan - Lille 

I'm big fan of Lisa Hannigan. I had this song on a playlist I did for a middle grade story I wrote last year I believe. It has just the right amount of magic.

5. Hem - Funnel Cloud

Hem must have the most charming voice ever. I have quite a few of their songs on my playlist. I find this one to be soothing and magical.

Who's your favorite indie band? I would love to know.
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