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NaNo 2015

Oct 19, 2015

I can't help doing NaNo again this year, even though I've never ever won. I'm hoping this year will be my year. It helps that I already have an idea of my story line. I've written three character sheets for both of my main characters and the villain. Plus, thanks to a handy book called Fast Fiction by Denise Jaden, I'm asking myself questions I never would have thought to ask. Yes, this year I am going to win. And if I don't, I will console myself with lots of chocolate. I really really want that free copy of my book from CreateSpace. I've already started drafting, but because I want to win NaNo I've decided to put it aside until November 1st.

What am I writing?

A middle grade paranormal called LOVELY DARK THINGS. Necromancy. Ghosts. And hopefully a kick-butt villain, it's a little darker than the middle grade I've written in the past and that's why I'm so excited about it. Here's a very rough blurb:

No one knows why Lucy Lovell was born with the ability to raise the dead. It's a gift she both loves and despises. Souls are such fickle things and they don't always come back as intended. When her parents are killed because of her negligent use of her powers, Lucy and her baby sister Norrie hide from Death Herself in an old abandoned house haunted by the ghost of Wilfie Graham.

Lucy and Wilfie become fast friends and together they set out to find his body to bring him back before he is taken to the place where lost souls go. But when Death catches up to the both of them, kidnapping Norrie, Lucy must travel to the world of lost souls to find her baby sister before they become trapped there for good.

See, like I said. It's pretty rough. Anyway, I've been hard at work putting together a Pinterest board and playlist. Here's a song from the playlist that reminds me of Lucy:

That's it for me. Are any of you doing NaNo?
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