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Fall Goals

Oct 5, 2015
Hey guys! It's officially fall. The weather has certainly changed. It is cold and it's been raining all week. The best part about fall, at least for me, is all of the hot chocolate I get to guzzle. This post isn't about hot chocolate however. I thought it would be swell to make a list of goals for myself for fall. I haven't done one of these in a while, and I'd really like to see how close I get to achieving them. Here are the things I want to accomplish during the sweater wearing months.

1. Read at least ten books. I've started and put down so many books, but I'd really like to buckle down and actually finish some of them. I'm a slow reader you guys.

On my list:
  • A book I've already started
  • A children's classic
  • A new middle grade
  • A book I've been dying to read
  • An audio book 
  • A book on writing
  • A book everyone's been raving about
  • Something spooky
  • An adult novel
  • A retelling or something with a fairy tale feel
  • A book I've had on my shelf forever

2. Finish my novel during NaNo. I've already started writing so during NaNoWiMo I will be a rebel. I'm writing a middle grade paranormal, so my goal is 45k-50k. It's a bit of a change for me because I'm writing in third person instead of first. It's going well so far. I've already got one chapter done and I'm excited. I hope I can stick with this one. I've made a cover for it.

3. Spend some time writing outside of the house. Most of my writing is done indoors, but I think it would be good for me to find a nice cafe or to maybe just go to the library. A nice change of scenery might help inspire some new ideas.

4. Enter the SCBWI Emerging Voices Award. This is still a maybe for me, though I've had my eye on this contest for a while. It seems like a great opportunity.

5. Try something new. I don't know what this will be yet, but I think I want to switch things up a little. It can be something simple like a new flavor of drink, a new TV show, or something large like another creative pursuit. I have always wanted to learn how to code or draw.

That's it for me you guys. What are some of your fall goals? As always, thanks for reading and happy writing!
2 comments on "Fall Goals"
  1. love all your goals! Fall is a great time to set them and the weather definitely helps to set the mood.