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SNI Love List

Sep 30, 2015
For some reason I've been really really struggling to come up with an idea I love. I've blogged about it a little before, the feeling of hopelessness I feel not having anything to work on. Recently, I thought I had an idea I loved. I blogged about it and even posted the first few chapters on Wattpad. After a week of trying to coax it into something I can work with I've decided that it just isn't the one. Maybe I'll come back to it one of these days.

And when I say the one I don't mean a story that'll land me an agent or book deal. I mean a story that will give me all of the feels, the butterflies, the "I can't wait to see you again." I haven't had that feeling with anything. You've probably heard of a thing called the Love List, coined by Stephanie Perkins, it's basically a list of things you love about your WIP. Since I don't have a WIP, I thought why not do an SNI love list but with photos. I'm putting it out there. Hopefully, the universe sees this. These are some of the things I'd love in a SNI.

So basically I'd love to write something with a bit of whimsy, darkness, adventure, magic, a kick-butt villain and heroine, romance, and gorgeous writing. While I was putting this collage together I actually did get a few ideas. Now it's just the matter of turning those ideas into a novel. If you're wondering, the book in the far left says "How to Cook a Wolf." All of these photos were taken from my story inspiration board on Pinterest. Just looking at them makes me excited. 
2 comments on "SNI Love List"
  1. I know what you mean about finding 'the one' I've only had that happen twice and it's been a long time since it did. I love your board, it has a lot of elements in it that I'm trying to find in my own writing atm. Hope a new idea crops up soon!

    1. Hey, Laura! Yeah, it is tough. Thank you though. I'd really love to have something by November for NaNo.