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Favorites From My Writing Playlist: Movie Soundtracks

Sep 28, 2015
I do love listening to music while I write. I find it helps put me in the right frame of mind and my scenes seem to really take off. I prefer to listen to movie soundtracks and preferably those without lyrics. I find lyrics distracting. Today I thought I would share my top five favorite pieces from some popular movies.

1. Far From the Madding Crowd - Never Been Kissed

Hauntingly beautiful, I just love the violin here. I wrote to this song a lot while working on my last novel. It does help capture those spine tingling scenes.

2. Pan's Labyrinth - The Fairy & The Labyrinth 

This is another haunting one, though I find it has a bit more whimsy. The violin here breaks my heart. It's pretty new to my writing playlist but I adore it. 

3. Atonement - Briony

Would you just listen to it, the piano and the typewriter. It's such a perfect combination. 

4. Winter's Tale - Hello You Beauty

This is also new to my playlist. I love the way it opens, then leads into softer piano. I also love the way it ends.

5. Far From the Madding Crowd - Hollow in the Ferns

It isn't hard to figure out which soundtrack is my absolute favorite. In my opinion, the entire selection for Far From the Madding Crowd is amazing, pure writing magic.

Of course I've collected a way more than this. I am addicted to finding new music to add to my playlist and can spend an entire hour searching for the right sound. Thanks for reading and listening you guys!
2 comments on "Favorites From My Writing Playlist: Movie Soundtracks"
  1. Nice choices ^_^ I'm a huge fan of writing with soundtracks, too.

    1. They are really useful! Thanks for taking the time to comment, Miss Cole.