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Experimenting with Wattpad

Sep 18, 2015
After a few days of being stuck, I've finally started writing again. Let me tell you, I tried everything. I tried reading, movies, Pinterest, and even free writing. I really have no idea what did it. It could have been a combination of all of those things. Maybe I just needed to find the right project, which I believe I have. I'm both nervous and excited about this project. It is my second foray into fantasy and my first into creating my own fantasy world. 

Last night I decided to put the first chapter up on Wattpad. I know most of you already know what Wattpad is. If you don't, Wattpad is a free writing site that allows writers to share their work. I've posted on Wattpad before and I found it really held me accountable, knowing that there were people waiting for the next chapter of my story. I fell into a nice routine of writing every morning, so I would have something to share once posting day came around.

It is truly a wonderful site, not only great for writing but reading too. I've also managed to make a few friends on there who have been really supportive. Though my story is pretty new, I do hope to build an audience with it. With so many writers posting on the site, it is hard to get noticed. I found, with my last story, that consistency was key. Readers will come if your continue to post. It also helps to have a decent cover, title, and description. Readers really like a great cover, but since I am no designer I did the best I could with a photo I found on Pixabay and a free editing program.

I admit, the title and description were put together quickly but they work for now. 
A story about Tati Morrow, a girl who swallows a fallen star, loses her heart, but gains extraordinary magical powers. And an old wizard, who’s lost his way, and would do anything to wield her magic to regain his youth (including pretend to love her), but doing so will surely kill her. She must get back her heart before it’s too late. 

I'll be keeping you guys updated on how it all goes. If you'd like to read the first chapter of THE GIRL WHO SLEPT WITH THE MOON you can do so here

Now, it's time to get started on that second chapter. Happy writing!
4 comments on "Experimenting with Wattpad"
  1. I keep thinking about putting some of my work on Wattpadd. Maybe one day I'll do it. I've bookmarked your chapter to read later :D

    1. Thank you, Miss Cole! It's a fun site. If you have any short stories I think it would be worth it to share them.

  2. I really like your cover. I'll go and add it to my list on Wattpad. I'd like to put some material up there too but I'm still deciding what.

    1. Thanks, Stephanie! If, when you do, I'll definitely check it out.