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Favorite Book Covers of 2016

Aug 25, 2015
While I'm perusing Goodreads a great cover is the first thing that catches my eyes. I've found a lot of great reads this way. I know that sometimes the book's cover can be stunning but the actual contents of that book may not live up to expectations. Still, like most book lovers, I can't help myself. When I see a pretty cover I have to check out the rest of the book.

Here are five of my favorite covers of 2016 so far:

I am a big fan of illustrated covers. I love the art on the guitar. It's quite folksy.

This was my WOW book last week. I think the cover is absolutely gorgeous. The design is so intricate.

I like how the title is written on the feathers, also the bit of text swirling in between. The blue is also quite eye catching. 

This book one of my most anticipated reads. I love everything about this cover, though I'm finding it hard to articulate exactly what draws me, maybe it's the bit of sky peeking through the stars or the typography. It's really unique.

This one is simple but I like it. I love the image of two people walking along the beach. 

That's it for me. Do you have any favorite covers?
2 comments on "Favorite Book Covers of 2016"
  1. Oooh, some of those are beautiful. Wink Poppy Midnight reminds me of The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell.

    1. I've wanted to read The Bone Clocks. I hear it's quite good. Thanks for stopping by, Miss Cole!