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The End

Jun 23, 2015
I've finally finished the first draft of IVY OF OUR HEARTS after two months of writing. It feels so good to finally reach the end. I believe this is the fastest I've ever written a draft. In the past, it would take me months to reach the halfway mark. And my past manuscripts have been significantly shorter than this one. I don't know what it was. I have been posting the chapters on Wattpad, so maybe that encouraged me. Every morning, usually after breakfast, I'd sit down to write 1000 words. Some days, I'd even write 2,000 words.

I know now comes the hard part. Revising. Right now, I'm rereading what I have and soon I'll be tearing those words to shreds. Well, maybe not tearing but I hope this revision will be more successful than the others. I feel really good about the story. I feel like it's better plotted than my others, but the writing needs to be cleaned up a ton. I'm praying to the revision gods that I can do it justice. I think writing down my vision for the story will be a great start, so that's what I'll do.

While I was drafting IVY OF OUR HEARTS, I listened to a ton of music and collected a ton of inspiring images on Pinterest. It really helped to get me into the right frame of mind. I'd have both Spotify and Pinterest open whenever I sat down to write. I even created a collage for the story.

My favorite soundtrack was Far from the Madding Crowd. It's both romantic and haunting. "Never Been Kissed" is my favorite piece. It reminds me so much of my main character Ivy.

I'm looking forward to heading in the revision cave. I'll be using CampNaNo July to help me revise and a little book called Editor-Proof Your Writing by Don McNair. July should be an exciting month.
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