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On A Bookish Date: Waiting for Unicorns

Feb 25, 2015
On A Bookish Date is a meme in which I share my love for books and cure my style cravings.

I recently had the pleasure of reading Waiting for Unicorns by Beth Hautala. I'd been eyeing it for a long time, so I picked it up as soon as I could. I'm so glad I did. Churchill, Manitoba really comes alive in this wonderful tale of family, friendship, and hope. I could see myself in twelve-year-old Talia. I, too, have always had a thing for making wishes, and the MC Talia McQueen keeps a whole jar of them, with hopes that one day they'll come true. I learned a little something while reading this book. In fact, it's probably my favorite line.
"Sometimes, we get so busy wishing for something big, we miss all the hundreds of smaller but still-important wishes coming true right under our noses." 
Isn't that line lovely. I'd like to thank Beth Hautala for writing such a wonderful and important tale. If you love beautiful writing, lush settings, and fully realized characters, I highly recommend Waiting for Unicorns. It'll make your heart ache in the best way.

If I was thirteen again, this is what I'd wear on a date with this beautiful book:

What are you waiting for? Go pick up your copy.

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