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NaNo Check-in #1

Nov 3, 2014
Progress: I'm off to a bad start. I started writing the first day but got discouraged and stopped. I ended up switching projects. I'm a little over 400 words in, and I'm okay with that. Even if I don't win, at least I'll have the start of something new.

Mood: I'm still not sure if this project is the one, but I'm writing. That's all that matters.

Inspiration: I've had my WiP's playlist on repeat. My current favorite song is Hear the Bells by Vanessa Carlton. It's haunting. I love when she says, "Current takes me out what will be will be..."

Goal for today: 1,500 - 2,000 words. I plan to write all day. I'm behind, but it's how I write. 

Recent Favorite NaNo-WiP Line: Ivy knew there’d be no stars.

Non-NaNo News - I finished the first draft of We Are Shining. Yay! I hope to get back to it in December

Something Shiny: A while ago, I created a cover for my WiP. It isn't perfect, but I like looking at it when I'm stuck.

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