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Liebster Award

Nov 10, 2014
I wasn't tagged for the Liebster Award, but it looked like such a fun post to do. You should check out Jaime Morrow's blog. Her answers are wonderful. 

1. Best Writing Space?
The best writing space for me is my bedroom. I have a little desk near a corner, right next to my bookshelf. Right above that desk are inspiring writing quotes. I love the one by Salman Rushdie.

"Books choose their authors..."

2. If you could have lunch with any author, alive or deceased, who would it be and why?
The author I'd have lunch with is Madeline L'Engle. A Wrinkle in Time is my favorite children's book. I just fell in love with her characters. I remember being desperate to read the rest of the series afterwards. I'd love to pick her brain and find out all of her best writing tips.

3. Favorite way to procrastinate when you should be writing?
If you don't already know, I'm a Pinterest junkie. I spend way too much time on there looking for inspiration for my stories. I love words but photos help me breathe life into my tales. I also like to collect quotes that remind me of the story. Below is the board for my current WIP, WE ARE SHINING.

4. In less than 20 words, describe your WIP.
It's about a girl who's overcome with grief after her mom's death, and a fallen star who helps save her.

5. If your favorite writing genre didn't exist (Gasp), what would you write instead?
If my favorite genre didn't exist, I would definitely write fantasy. I've always been enamored with it, and I've always found the authors who write it inspiring. I also wouldn't mind writing historicals, maybe even historical fantasy. 

6. Favorite band to listen to while writing?
I'm currently obsessed with The Paper Kites. I have quite a few of their songs on my WIP's  soundtrack. My current favorite song is "Halcyon". The lyrics are beautiful, wonderful.

7. Morning writing or night owl scribbler?
I'm more of a morning writer. I'm more alert during the early hours of the day, as opposed to the later hours when I'm more sluggish. I can do both, but I love those early hours when no else up yet except for the birds. I get some of my best writing done then.

8. Favorite friendship in a published book?
Hands down, Ron, Hermione, and Harry from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter. My second favorite would be Meg Murry and Calvin O'Keefe from A Wrinkle in Time.

9. If you could write a song to capture the heart of a song you love, the song is?
This is a tough one. I have so many favorite songs. I really love "Barton Hollow" by the Civil Wars. I think it would make a cool Southern Gothic

10. When the movie of your book gets made, who's the dream cast?
I really have no idea. I don't create casts for my stories, though I do think it would be cool to see them on screen. I did find a picture of a little girl who I thought suited my main character. She's albino. It would be important to me that my POC characters were properly represented, which makes casting tough.

That's it you guys. I had fun answering these questions. Feel free to jump in,

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  1. Loved reading this! Your WIP sounds very interesting--heartfelt and intense. <3

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