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Mar 12, 2013
I really should be getting ready to leave the house soon, but I do like to dedicate the first few hours of my day to blogging and reading other blogs. A day or two ago I had this bright idea to print out my manuscript. Why? I just wanted to see it in hard copy. After I'd already declared the manuscript finished, I'm now on chapter seventeen on what has been my hundredth read through. Last night I remember thinking, this is getting ridiculous. I have to let it go. Though I still found things to fix, this is me letting it go because it'll never reach that level of perfection I keep striving for.


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2 comments on "SINGING IN THE WILDERNESS Excerpt"
  1. I'm a nut about printing out my manuscripts--it's the first thing I do when they're done. I think it's a blast and I use a laser printer, so it doesn't kill my printer to do.

    This opening sounds great! Wishing you luck with revisions.

    1. Hello! I should invest in a laser printer as soon as I can. I used up almost all of the ink printing. Thanks for the comment, Jessica. I really appreciate it.