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How I Got My Writing Groove Back

Feb 26, 2013
For a few days after finishing up my revisions I had no idea what I wanted to work on next. There were a few manuscripts I had in mind, but really none of them gave me that fuzzy feeling, that honeymoon stage feeling of being crazy in love. I wanted that. I was desperate for it.

And I remembered this quote I saved a while ago. I can't remember who wrote it but it's perfect.

I do know what I love. In the past few days I'd attempted to start three novels and failed. For a while now I've wanted to try my hand at magical realism, and I thought I'd found it in my NaNo novel IVY OF OUR HEARTS. I didn't. Though I'm still enamored with the idea maybe the timing's off. My other unfinished WIPs seemed to be good choices, but they didn't feel fresh in my brain. I wanted something new, something that would light my heart and mind on fire.

I guess, for the most part, inspiration comes to me in many ways, through music, art and photography. I spend a little too much time on Pinterest, or maybe way too much time there, but this time something more than wonderful came out of it. Four little words from a quote I'd pinned. I haven't read much Shakespeare, but I know how inspiring his words can be.

This quote sparked a fire within me.

I wrote seven hundred words yesterday of my new WIP, YOU SHALL SEE WONDERS. It's not much but it's a start. Late last night I turned on Pandora and created a new station. Halcyon by The Paper Kites began to play. Id finally felt that feeling, pure, utter passion.

Halcyon by The Paper Kites on Grooveshark

How do you become inspired when you're feeling uninspired?
4 comments on "How I Got My Writing Groove Back"
  1. Glad you got your groove back! Visuals help me as well, although I've resisted Pinterest so far. Often movies will inspire, or something hits me while I'm practicing my guitar.

    1. I love that you play guitar, Alex. Movies are always a big help for inspiration. I can think of at least one movie that always inspires me.

  2. I love this post. It's totally how I feel too (and probably why I have several WIPs on the backburner hee hee). You have to write what you love!

    1. Carissa, I'm glad you like it! I'd been struggling with the write what you love part of writing. I'm happy that I do like what I'm writing now. As far as multiple WIPs go, I do feel a little guilty when I think about how many uncompleted projects I have.

      But that's the way it goes. Thanks for commenting. :D