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A Handwritten Love Letter to Rosie

Feb 11, 2013
I discovered a new blog over the weekend called Something Charming. Today Joelle is hosting a link-up for handwritten love letters. I honestly knew who I wanted to write to from the start. I've been working on Rosie's story for so long now.

On the letter, you can actually see where I messed up and had to use whiteout. I don't think she'd mind.

This is the first love letter I've ever written and it was a lot of fun. Have a wonderful day. Make sure to stop by Joelle's blog and join the link-up.
6 comments on "A Handwritten Love Letter to Rosie"
  1. This is so sweet Tracey! Thanks so much for linking up, and I hope you have an amazing week! xoxo

    1. Thanks for commenting and for stopping by, Joelle!

  2. i'm sure your friend will enjoy this letter :) stopping by from the linkup.