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A Few Things: 2.14.13

Feb 14, 2013
Why, hello Thursday.This week flew by at lightening speed, wouldn't you agree? I attempted to blog every day this week, but then Thursday morning came along. And even though I had a post planned, I wasn't quite in the blogging mood. So here we are hours later with another A Few Things post. A Few Things is just a list of things I fell in love with during the week.

1. Magical Realism in YA by Nova Ren Suma - Earlier this week, while revising, I had this bright idea to add a magical realism element to my MS. I don't know. I just thought doing it would add some spice to an otherwise entirely realistic story. I've been brainstorming and I have a few ideas. I'm still not sure about any of it because I wouldn't want it to be jarring. We'll see.

2. Manifesto - I came across a cute pink sweatshirt on Pinterest yesterday from a t-shirt brand called Manifesto, which is owned by a lovely woman named Meg. Her t-shirts are limited edition, and I'm sure they'll sell out before I can get my hands on one.

3. Here (pin-board) - Have you ever seen an image that completely inspired you? That's how I feel about my pin-board, Here--my favorite board this week.

4. Paper House by Lisa Hannigan - It's no secret that I love Lisa Hannigan. Her recent album, Passenger, is probably one of the best I've ever heard. My latest favorite is Paper House. I really love her lyrics. 

"Oh we walked in a hallowed place back then,
the edge of Dublin, the edge of May and June.
Oh to live in a paper house again,
where we grew by the light of the moon."

5. "Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn" - I fell in love with a very lovely quote by artist, WeareyYawn, the moment I saw it. I have a pin-board dedicated to quotes I love and Always be yourself is one of my favorites. It's really charming.

Happy reading and writing. Have a wonderful weekend!
4 comments on "A Few Things: 2.14.13"
  1. Really glad I stopped by your blog today! For one, I've never heard that Paper House song - thanks for the introduction. For two, "Always be yourself . . ." quote is hilarious and I've never heard it before today. It's my new meme :)

    Good luck with the revisions.

    1. Hello, Steven! Thanks for stopping by. That quote is pretty hilarious. I'd love to hang it on my wall.

      Thanks for the well wishes. :)

  2. Oh man. I would totally be a unicorn! haha :)

    And magical realism! Sounds fun :)

    1. Thanks for the comment, Kelley. The magical realism element sounded like a great idea but would probably work best with a different MS.