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January 2013 Never Looked So Good

Jul 31, 2012
I know 2012 isn't over yet, but I was clicking around on Goodreads and came across a list of 2013 releases. I couldn't help myself. I love book covers just as much as the next writer, especially book covers that have a more quiet kind of beauty.

The two below are my favorites so far.

As time passes I'm sure there will be more gorgeous covers to swoon over, but these two make me sigh. If you'd like to check them out just click on the cover.

I hope you guys have a wonderful Tuesday. WriteOnCon is just around the corner, and I can hardly contain myself. I'm totally counting down the days. 

August Goals

Jul 27, 2012
Hello guys! Wow, I can't believe it's almost the end of July already. Summer months always seem to go by faster. Don't you agree? Today I wanted to share with you guys my goals for next month because I've come to the realization that setting goals for myself is the only way I'll ever get anything done while I'm lounging at home.

Last month I participated in Camp NaNo, and I use the word participate loosely because I hardly wrote anything. This month I'm planning to participate again with a brand new WIP, which I'm not going to share the name of yet because I decided to submit the first 500 words of it for WRiTE CLUB.

Yes, I am a NaNo rebel.

Goals for August:
  1. Write at least 2,000 words per day for Camp NaNoWriMo. 
  2. Finish the first draft for WIP during Camp NaNo. 
  3. Blog at least 2x per week.
  4. Comment on as many blogs as I can, no less than five. 
  5. Finish reading one of the many books I've started. 
I will check in at least once every week to do an update. I think I'm going to give myself weekly goals everyday. I've been kind of inspired to after reading fellow blogger/ YA writer Angela Brown's posts. If you haven't checked her blog out yet. You really should. 

That's it for me. Do you keep weekly writing/reading goals? Or, do you just wing it?

Teaser Tuesday: First Pages

Jul 24, 2012
Once there was a girl who revised the opening page of her novel so many times that she lost sight of what worked and what didn't. So because of this she made a vow that on the very day that she sent her first query for her second MS, other than for fixing a misplaced comma here and there, the first page wouldn't be touched. 

That vow only lasted a month.

Since today is Tuesday, teaser Tuesday, I wanted to share the first 150 words of each first page for comparison. I still love the old opening, a lot actually, but I want to give this new one a shot too. Lately, the query gods haven't been on my side. The first page is always the hardest to get right, wouldn't you agree?

Old Version:


New Version:


Thanks for taking the time to read you guys.

WriteOnCon Contest and WRiTE CLUB

Jul 23, 2012
I love a good contest just like any other writer, and I'm always prowling the web for new ones. Are You familiar with the contest that WriteOnCon hosted last year with The Reading Room? If you aren't you can read the winning entry here. It's by a very talented writer and blogger.

Hello Linda!

This year WriteOnCon is hosting the same contest again, and they're taking submissions starting today. The winner wins a nice chunk of cash, and will have their work considered for representation by a literary agent. It's a great opportunity, and if you're interested you can find out more here.

Okay, so I just discovered this one today and explaining what it is about would take a lot of time. There are agents, editors, and authors involved though. That should be enough to make you curious about WRiTE CLUB. To get the full scoop you can click here. I entered today. I don't know if I'll be submitting anything yet, but I'm tempted to.

Are any of you guys planning to enter the WriteOnCon/Reading Room contest, or WRiTE ClUB?

Summer Update

Jul 21, 2012
Hey guys. I did have a better post lined up for today, but after rereading it seemed boring. I know I have been pretty behind in my blogging, and I wanted to apologize to those of you who came here looking for my Buccaneer Blogfest posts. Blogging isn't the only thing I've fallen behind on. I haven't been writing much other than for a few tweaks here and there. I have the urge to write something completely different from what I usually write. I just don't know what that something is yet. 

I'm really just trying to enjoy summer before I have to go back to school. Someone asked me what I'm planning to study if I do change my major. Truthfully, I'm still brainstorming. I might not change it at all. Someone else asked me what's my favorite cake. I think that was the question. I definitely love red velvet, and my mom makes pretty good pound cake as well. 

That's basically all I have to say for now. I'm still querying, and biting my fingernails. And after reading this blog postI just spent a few minutes this morning deleting some of the pictures I used in my posts in the past. If you haven't read it yet I recommend that you do. It's really eye-opening. 

Hopefully, I'll be back to my regular blogging schedule by next week.

Hello new followers!

Buccaneer Blogfest: About My Blog

Jul 11, 2012

I started my blog in 2009 the same year I started writing seriously. I can't remember what my very first blog post was about because I've since deleted it. It's funny because just like writing YA it took me awhile to find my natural blogging voice. In the beginning I tried very hard to sound like other popular bloggers, which worked for a little while but I ended up being unhappy with the way I was presenting myself. So for the new year 2011 I decided to get rid of all of those old posts and start over.

The main reason I decided to create a blog was to connect with other writers, and I definitely have. To tell you the truth, I've learned most of what I know about writing from reading blogs. I think I follow almost 200. I love participating in blogfests, memes, and contests. Though, my favorite types of posts are success stories.

My own blog posts tend to be random. I do like talking about books, and sharing things I've learned and experienced on my journey to publication. I really enjoy being apart of such a wonderful community. 

Two commenters on my last post asked me what are my favorite horror movies. My top favorites definitely are The Others, The Sixth Sense, The Orphanage, and The Awakening. 

In my last post I forgot to share links to my other social media profiles. I'm on Pinterest. You can click here to view my boards. 

Happy blogging!

Buccaneer Blogfest: About Me

Jul 9, 2012

Hey guys! Sorry this post is kind of late, but it's summer and I've been a lot more lazy than I really should be.  Today is the first day of the Buccaneer Blogfest that is being hosted by Sharon Bayliss and Court Young. I had to join when I found out about it because I love a good blogfest. According to the rules I'm supposed to  tell you guys a little about myself. So here I go...

My name is Tracey Joseph. I primarily write young adult contemporary fiction, but I've attempted to write a middle grade novel or two. I am currently in college studying writing and literature, but lately I have been thinking about changing my major for the third time. When I was younger I used to be seriously addicted to TV, and now I am seriously addicted to the internet. My favorite kinds of movies are horror movies, though I am afraid of the dark and have been since I was three. My favorite kinds of fictional boys are supernatural beings or have super powers. I recently started watching True Blood, and now I am obsessed with it. I have only one other sibling who is a boy and two years younger than I am. I have two loving and supporting parents. I have a sweet tooth, and I love any dessert with frosting on top. I've been writing seriously since 2009, and I hope to be published someday. I'm actually querying my second novel right now. On top of all that I am also a big daydreamer, and not a day goes by that I'm not making up some crazy story in my head.  They usually include hot guys and lots of kissing.

So, that's almost every random thing about me I can think of. I could probably add a lot more, but I don't want this post to go on for ages. Thanks to everyone who stops by, reads, and comments.

Goodnight you guys!