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A Few Things

Nov 14, 2012
I did two good things yesterday, the most important being that I entered a contest on Figment. I don't enter many contests like these but the prize was just too good to pass up. You can click the gray link to read my entry if you like. And if you know anyone in the 13-21 age range, or if you're in the 13-21 age range, you can find out more about the contest here.

The second thing that I did was create a temporary website on Weebly. It's free, and I thought why not. 

Here it is: My shiny new website

That's all I wanted to share. Have a wonderful Wednesday you guys. 
5 comments on "A Few Things"
  1. Good luck with the contest, Tracey. I rarely enter them, too.

    Love the website! That's something I still have to create.

  2. YAY, YOU!! Two good things is three more than me ;)

    Your website is shiny and smells like candy. WELL DONE!

    Happy Thanksgiving!