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Delectable Links: 9.1.12

Sep 1, 2012

Another week has come and gone and it's a new month, my birthday month. I can't believe in just a few days I'll be the big TWO ONE. I hope I can make the best of my new year.

This week, though, there have been a lot of great finds. These were some of my favorites.

1. I am a major dessert enthusiast, and these homemade Oreos are right up my alley.

2. This veggie burger is definitely the best I've ever seen. The recipe is included.

3. On my wishlist is the French Hen Sweater from J.Crew.

4. My favorite non-writing blog of the week is Creature Comforts. It's a haven for creativity.

5. If your'e into DIY projects, What I Wore shows you how to make a chevron stripped tee. It's super stylish and it's gotten a lot of pins on Pinterest.

6. If you love books, foxes, or both check out these free printable fox bookmarks. The owner's site isn't in English, but if you use Chrome you should be able to translate.

7. This quote is by far my favorite quote of the week, from The Fresh Exchange. Creative people are awesome.

8. The Colenimo A/W 2012 lookbook is a breath of autumn.

9. My most popular pinboard this week was They Grow Up So Fast.

10. I've definitely fallen in love with Gregory and the Hawk. I've played Doubtful and The People Who Raised Me more than once this week.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sweet Delicious Fruit photographed by Lena.
4 comments on "Delectable Links: 9.1.12"
  1. Have a great birthday! I'm going to go check out these links. :)

  2. Happy happy (almost) birthday, Tracey! And that pinboard was freaking adorable. I love all those little animals!