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Writing Spaces

Aug 30, 2012
I've been spending a lot of time of Pinterest, pinning away. I admit, probably more time than I should. One of my favorite boards is my Home Is Where I Belong board, where I pin images of homes, rooms that inspire me. It got me thinking about writing spaces. Those places where we writers like to curl up and write.

Most of my writing takes place in my room, in bed. In fact, I'm writing this post from that exact location. Lying on my back, staring up at the ceiling, is how I came up with many of my novels. Maybe there's some sort of correlation between staring up at the ceiling and ideas. I know a lot of writers get new novel ideas while taking a bath. That has yet to work for me.

My ideal writing space would have solid plain white walls, a white desk, swivel chair, and colorful illustrations on the walls as well as quotes that I love. I also love the idea of having a chalk board wall for plotting and writing down ideas.

Where do you write?
8 comments on "Writing Spaces"
  1. I get a lot of ideas staring at the ceiling, or into space, I think it's the whole 'doing nothing' thing that helps because it leaves your brain free to think about wonderful stories.
    I love the idea of a chalk board. If you've ever seen 500 Days of Summer I would love one of those chalk board style walls, so I could just write on the walls when I have an idea and not feel guilty about it :)

  2. I basically can write anywhere. And I do. :)

  3. When I'm on my laptop, I love sitting in my favorite comfy chair in the living room, ad writing. But I wish I had some sort of a laptop cushion I could perch my laptop on. I also sit in bed and write. If I'm at a desk, it's gonna be in the library, because that's where the family computers are.
    I get a lot of my ideas while doing nothing or doing weird things. I mowed the lawn yesterday and came up with a book idea. I thought about it the whole time I was out there. :o)

  4. A lot of my ideas come to me in the shower or bathtub. But as to my writing space, I have this:

  5. I have a writing room - it's still in process, but currently it contains a bookcase with only MY books and the desk that belonged to my grandmother, along with other childhood artifacts. Eventually it's getting curtains, a rug, and a love seat. I'm so thrilled by it :0).

    I can write at the library, too. But it most be super quiet.

  6. My ideas usually come during my commute to work. Something about the rolling foothills and cows spark my imagination. I hope to have a special space to write in someday.

  7. I switch between my tiny, tiny desk and my bed. But my ideas seem to happen during life, like at work or while I'm driving.

  8. Ever since my sister moved out I've basically had my own study, with a desk and my laptop and all my other stuff. It's nice as it separates rest and work in a way - I only usually write from my bedroom if I'm really sick of my study, or if it starts to get really late, because the lights in here are broken. My ideal writing space would be a large office, with burgandy walls, bookshelves and a big mahoghany desk... I can imagine it right now! Also it's hard to pinpoint exactly where ideas come to me from, since they're so random!