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Shiny New Ideas

Aug 23, 2012
Just a few minutes ago I was attacked by a shiny new idea. Now I'm itching to get it down. I keep all of my new ideas in a document in Word titled NEW STORY IDEAS. I made sure to type a quick line about this SNI before it slipped away.  But since I'm especially candid about these things, I'll give you guys a hint. 

The hardest part is finishing the many projects I have going already before I start this new one. It's hard out there for a pantser. Usually, when I get a new idea I start typing right away. This time I know that if I do my other novels will never be completed. It's wise to let it "marinate" in my noggin for awhile. Gosh, even talking about it makes me want to start typing like a crazed woman. 

The questions of the day: Do you succumb to your shiny new ideas? Or do you save them for another day?
5 comments on "Shiny New Ideas"
  1. That's actually something I want to blog about soon. :)

    I keep all of my ideas in several notebooks and I wish I could breathe them all to life one day, but I've learned that unless I focus my attention on one project (sometimes two at a time, like I'm doing now) I'll never get anywhere.

    Every time I'm starting a new book, I go through my idea books and pick my favorite ones, then I narrow it down to one. It's like I'm picking out my birthday present and I have all of these awesome choices.

  2. Oh it depends on the idea. I have had a lot of new ideas lately and most of those have gone into my writer's journal to save for a later day. However, on the rare occasion that an idea is more powerful than the project I am working on I will put said project aside and start writing this new idea. It is rare, because I quite like to let ideas settle in my mind before I rush in.
    Good luck with your new idea and your current projects :)

  3. I have a shiny new idea that's been marinating for awhile. I'm anxious to get started, but just haven't had the time. When school starts I'll go from four to two kids at home. I'm planning to go like crazy then. (We'll see if it actually happens!)

  4. I'm a panster too! I have a number of 'shiny' ideas that are just gonna have to wait. They don't like waiting. But they have to deal with it :) haha.

  5. I try to save them for times I know I'm going to be ready to start a new project. NaNoWriMo, etc. But a lot of the time I just can't resist. You have to tell a story when it wants to be told, but if you're afraid of not finishing your other projects, don't worry: SNIs don't expire. That story will still be there, waiting to be told, when you're ready for it. But sometimes they'll fade, and that's when you know they weren't the right story to tell right now, anyway.