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Book Titles

Aug 1, 2012
For the past few days I've been trying to come up with a new title for my novel Never a Happy Ending, and so far the only reasonable one I've come up with is Me, The Baker Boy, and I. What do you guys think? Yay, nay, and if you saw a book on a shelf with that title would you pick it up?

I've come to the conclusion that I'm not the best at coming up with titles for my novels.

And because I am the queen of procrastination I spent probably an hour today coming up with titles I'll never use. I thought it would be fun to share them here. Feel free to grab whatever you like, though I doubt they're spectacular in any way, shape, or form. A lot of them are from old poems or the Bible.

Lovely, Dark, and Deep
All the Night Tide
A Sea Without a Shore
Lone and Dead
By the Gray Woods
The Mist Upon a Hill
No Sorrow For the Lost
Among the Sons of Men
To Fall Asleep In Death
The Mild and Meek
Sing Among the Branches
Of Bones and of Marrow
In Flesh and Blood
Under the Roofs of Houses
Of Cruel Kings
Flesh of Men
Men of Untruth
Devoured Souls

I suspect some of these might already be novel titles. I didn't check. Do you guys have a hard time coming up with titles for your novels, or are they just a breeze?
10 comments on "Book Titles"
  1. Titles are usually hard for me. My MG fairy tale re-telling needs a new name, because right now it is about as generic as it could possibly be.
    My initial reaction to your titles was, "Wait, I thought that was the new title? I like Never a Happy Ending." But, actually, I like the new, new title, too. It has a light humor to it that may better reflect your style.

    1. They sure are hard, Rachel. I'm sure the right one will come to you soon enough with some brainstorming. I think I might go with the new, new title. The new one just sounds too fairy tale-ish. Thanks a ton. :D

  2. I'm loving some of the titles you made up! I would definitely check some of those out simply based on their amazing title! I think it takes time to come up with a good title. One day the answer might be clear to you - it might not even become clear until you've finished a draft or too. You'll get there eventually. The right title is out there, you simply have to find it!

    1. Thanks! You're more than welcome to use any of them, even tweak them if you want to. And I totally agree.

  3. I love those titles, Tracey, and this one really stands out: To Fall Asleep In Death. I might have to borrow some of these to get some story ideas going. :)

    As far as the title for your book, I would stick with Never a Happy Ending. :)

    1. I'm happy you do, Linda. Yes, feel free. I really like Never a Happy Ending and the new one. But I've already queried quite a bit using Never a Happy Ending, so...

  4. I like Never a Happy Ending better than Me, The Baker Boy, and I--the latter one just doesn't do anything for me. So now are you going to write stuff to fit all those other titles? ;)

    1. I guess majority rules. I wish I could. I've really wanted to try my hand at fantasy for awhile now, but I've got nothing. Thanks for the comment, Angelica. :D

  5. You seem to like nature :)

    I don't dwell on titles. I know they'll come to me so I just keep writing, thinking about it and they come.

    Of course, the time that doesn't work I'll be SO frustrated! haha

    1. I guess I do like nature, Kelley. I think I might try that, not dwelling on titles, and see what comes to me. :D