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August Goals

Jul 27, 2012
Hello guys! Wow, I can't believe it's almost the end of July already. Summer months always seem to go by faster. Don't you agree? Today I wanted to share with you guys my goals for next month because I've come to the realization that setting goals for myself is the only way I'll ever get anything done while I'm lounging at home.

Last month I participated in Camp NaNo, and I use the word participate loosely because I hardly wrote anything. This month I'm planning to participate again with a brand new WIP, which I'm not going to share the name of yet because I decided to submit the first 500 words of it for WRiTE CLUB.

Yes, I am a NaNo rebel.

Goals for August:
  1. Write at least 2,000 words per day for Camp NaNoWriMo. 
  2. Finish the first draft for WIP during Camp NaNo. 
  3. Blog at least 2x per week.
  4. Comment on as many blogs as I can, no less than five. 
  5. Finish reading one of the many books I've started. 
I will check in at least once every week to do an update. I think I'm going to give myself weekly goals everyday. I've been kind of inspired to after reading fellow blogger/ YA writer Angela Brown's posts. If you haven't checked her blog out yet. You really should. 

That's it for me. Do you keep weekly writing/reading goals? Or, do you just wing it?
11 comments on "August Goals"
  1. Good luck with August NaNo, I'm so excited about it! I try and set goals, but they're usually just ones I keep in my head :)

    1. Thanks! I'll definitely be looking forward to your NaNo posts as well.

  2. I have yet to try this, but writing at the same time every day and using a timer seems to be a popular way to discipline yourself to writing every day. I guess for me that would mean getting up early and I'm NOT a morning person. But, I tend to write/edit for long hours at infrequent intervals, so I'm considering blocking at least an hour a day -- even if it's at a different time each day, but at least one hour, and write no matter what.

    Goals are great to have with writing, otherwise we kind of wander through it all. That's why it's taken me a year to write what I'm writing and I'm still not done! I'm ready for some new goals, too.

  3. I need to set stricter goals for my writing. I've been bad this summer. :(
    Good luck with WriteClub! I'm excited to read everyone's. :)

  4. Good luck with your goals! I'm doing Camp NaNo in August, and I'm trying to keep up with blogging. For some reason, it's so hard to be productive in the summer. ;)

  5. Good luck to you, too! And thank you for liking my cover! :)

    I hope you get far In Write Club, it sounds like fun! :)

  6. Yes, I keep goals - word count, to do lists - it helps but I also know when I need to cut myself some slack. But hey - Good For You! You can do it.

  7. Usually I keep goals in my head so kuddos to you for putting it out there! Visit 5 blogs a day or for the whole month of August? LOL . . . you'd for sure meet your goals better w/ only 5 blog visits in August but it's the best time suck there is:-)

  8. Thanks for the comments everyone. Jamie, of course I'll be reading more than 5 a day. :D

  9. Good luck with your goals next month!

  10. Wow, I hadn't seen your post before I made my list. Seeing yours makes me realize how setting goals can be a great motivator. I can be a total flake if I don't have an incentive to hold myself accountable to change. And long term change only sticks with repetition.

    Much success and fun reaching your August goals :-)