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Teaser Tuesday - After the Fight

Apr 10, 2012
Hey guys. I’m back today with a teaser from my newest project. I know I haven’t been posting as consistently as I used to, and that’s truthfully because I didn’t know what to post about. I've been lurking though, and there’s been a ton of great news recently. I just hope I can wiggle my way out of this blogging slump soon. 

Earlier in the story my MC witnessed a fight between two local men, and this is what happened afterwards. 


Thanks for reading. 
2 comments on "Teaser Tuesday - After the Fight"
  1. now my brain is wondering who this fella is. Sounds like he could be something like the angel of death. Then again, my imagination is a wild think and I could be so far off it isn't funny :-)

    1. Thanks for the comment, Angela. You aren't too far off. ;)