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Critique Partner Blogfest

Feb 10, 2012
Today I'm participating in Apathy's Hero Critique Partner Blogfest. If you would like to join you can find out more here.

Genre: YA Contemporary
Title: Love You Madly

I am currently revising this manuscript, and I would love if someone could give me their overall thoughts on it beta reader style. On the flip side I am also looking for another long term critique partner, someone I can speak to on a regular basis about writing, someone who will be able to give me chapter by chapter feedback when needed. I would be happy to do the same for them.


Her entire life seventeen-year-old Christine Taylor has always looked up to her father. Now that he’s gone, she’s grief-stricken.

People don’t usually go missing in the small town of Riverdale, California, where everyone knows your first and last name. Yet, no one has seen him since the day he left for work. At first, Christine blames her momma for her father leaving them. He always said that she was the stubbornness woman he ever met.

She soon realizes that even though her momma may be stubborn, neglectful, and cruel, she’s all she’s got now. Left to pick up the pieces and take care of her sick momma whose bad habit has finally taken its toll on her, Christine is forced to grow up quicker then she intended to. If it weren’t for her friends, her boyfriend, and sweet, sweet Tommy Baker, Christine doesn’t know what she would do.

More than anything she’s afraid that she might lose her momma to her illness, because of shame she won’t take any hospital care. Her only hope for redemption is by finding out what really happened to her father the day he left for work and never came home, and by making things right with her momma. Or she might lose both of her parents without ever getting the chance to say goodbye.

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7 comments on "Critique Partner Blogfest"
  1. Your writing shines.

    I would be interested in trading first chapters (up to ten pages) or queries.

    However, I write adult fantasy which may not be your cuppa :)

  2. Great voice in your writing and the tension is right there. I lean more toward YA Paranormal, though. Good luck on your CP search.

  3. Please don't hate me. I'm not participating but I liked your entry so I wanted to let you know.
    A daughter patiently waiting for her father to come home gives a strong sense of sadness and loneliness. I liked that.
    Good luck. I hope you find a good match :)

  4. Thanks you guys. Your encouraging words mean a lot to me.

  5. I really like this. The setting and voice are strong. I would love to look at a longer excerpt and give you more specific feedback. You don't have to feel obligated to read mine if you don't want (it's YA historical 1960s but has more of a YA contemporary feel in a historical setting, if that makes sense!).

  6. I am not participating in this blogfest, I just have way too much on my plate right now. I read your blurb and first 500 words and I was impressed with your story, mc & voice. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it.

  7. I'm not your target reader, but best of luck with this! :-)