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Books on My Holiday Wish list

Dec 17, 2011
The holidays are right around the corner. I can feel the magic in the air. And although I do have a nice stack of books that are waiting to be read on my nightstand, I just can’t resist blogging about the books that I would love Santa to bring me this Christmas. I think I've been fairly good enough this year. What about you?

I read a sample of this on my Kindle and loved it. I'm holding off on seeing the movie until I read this book. Truthfully, very few adult novels manage to catch my eye. This one did. This is one of those books that are very rich in voice. I can't wait to pick up a hard copy. 

I do own Anna and the French Kiss, but I haven't gotten to it yet. I've heard a ton of great things about Anna and Lola. Stephanie Perkins almost make me want to write my own contemporary romance novel. I think the cover is very cute. I love the purple, blue, and pink tones. Lola, here I come. 

This is another one of those cute contemporary novels I've heard a lot of good things about. I think I'll be downloading a sample of this one pretty soon. Novels like Past Perfect are so inspiring and bittersweet. I get a toothache just looking at that cover.

Okay, I'm not sure when this one will be coming out in the states. But I did sample it like I have the others. As you can probably tell I've been trying to read more contemporary novels. I'm usually more of a fantasy girl, though I can't write it to save my life. Good Oil has been getting some good reviews, and I am very intrigued.

I read the first novel in Maggie's Shiver series and really enjoyed it. I read a bit of The Scorpio Races and enjoyed it even more. I can't remember ever being a fan of novels about horses, but there is something special about this one.

These three novels are amazing, or so I've heard. I think they are all one of those books that you should read at least once. I know Santa is going to be a very busy man this year, lugging around all of my presents. 

That's it for my list. What books are on your holiday wish list?
5 comments on "Books on My Holiday Wish list"
  1. The Scorpio Races is absolutely on my list, as well as Dayghters Of Smoke and Bone. I also really want The Hunger Games box set. I have all three on my Kindle but I feel I also need hard copies. :-) Merry Christmas!

  2. I forgot about The Hunger Games. I'll definitely be adding it to the list. Merry Christmas to you too.

  3. I'm with you on The Help. I've heard it was amazing. The movie is out now so I'm debating if I should read the book first or watch the movie. Hmmm.... Happy Holidays!


  4. Happy holidays to you too, Crystal.

  5. oh ~ past perfect and good oil are two of my all time faves :)

    i want the night circus as well :)