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Top 10 Favorite Horror Movies

Oct 29, 2011
So, because I love horror movies and it’s almost Halloween I've decided to follow in the footsteps of many other bloggers and do my own top 10 favorite horror movies post. For real guys I am a complete horror movie junkie, and there's nothing like a good horror movie post to really welcome All Hallows' Eve. *evil laugh*

1. The Others
This is my number one favorite horror movie of all time. Everything about this movie is perfect. The atmosphere and the big twist at the end really makes it one of the best ghost movies I've ever seen. I love this movie. 
2. The Sixth Sense
This one also has a really big twist at the end. The actors were great and the whispering really gets to you. "I see dead people" has to be one of the most famous horror movie lines ever. 
3. The Orphanage 
Not to be confused with Orphan is a Spanish horror movie I saw not too long ago. It quickly became a favorite of mine. The subtitles don't pull you out of the movie at all. And like the first two the twist at the end is one I totally didn't see coming. 

4. Poltergeist 
This was a favorite of mine when I was a little girl. I think this was the movie that really began my lifelong love affair with horror movies. It's an all time classic.
5. 1408
I'm a big fan of Stephen King movies and 1408 takes the cake for me. If you've seen Rose Red you'll automatically love this one. There is nothing creepier than being trapped in an evil hotel room as silly as it may sound. 
6. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 
If I had to watch any horror remake over and over again it would be the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remakes. I feel like a complete sicko saying this but I love these movies. I love that they aren't any real raunchy scenes and I love that they use the same actors for the Hewitt family in every movie.
7. Resident Evil 
When it comes to zombie flicks Resident Evil is my number one pick. Alice is my number one favorite butt-kicking protagonist next to Buffy of course.

8. The Mist
Another Stephen King movie that I really enjoyed. The special effects could have been better, but I really felt for not just the main characters but all of the characters. It really makes me wonder what I would do if I were in that situation. 
9. Insidious
As someone who's suffered from sleep paralysis this movie really scared me. The costumes could have better, but it really is one of those movies that keeps you up at night. I get scared just thinking about the creepy old woman at the end. 
10. The Descent 
This one should really be higher up on the list because it is truly an awesome movie. The acting, the setting, those creatures everything about this movie makes it one that everyone should see. It will really make you think twice about going cave exploring. 

That's it guys. What are some of your favorite horror movies?

1 comment on "Top 10 Favorite Horror Movies"
  1. Great list Tracey.

    I think I've seen most of these. I kind of stopped watching horror movies when they turned into torture porn.

    I really like a lot of films from the 70s. If you have never seen Rosemary's Baby, Don't Look Now, Ghost Story, or the Changeling, I suggest you get to Netflix straight away. They are all great films from a time when there wasn't as much gore, but more a sense of dread and paranoia.

    I loved the Others, and it seemed to hearken back to an earlier period of horror films.

    Of course, the Exorcist still scares the heck out of me.