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Thursday Love: A Few of My Favorite Things

Oct 6, 2011
I wanted to share a few things that I've been crushing on for a while now in this weeks version of Thursday Love. 

1. I can’t remember exactly when I came across this blog, but I instantly fell in love with the prose. The prose is stunning and lyrical and the pictures are amazing. Girl Meets NYC is my number one favorite thing this week.

2. 500  Days of Summer has become one of my all time favorite new romantic comedies. I've seen it several times already, and it never gets old. The actors have amazing chemistry and the premise is believable. It's really one of those bittersweet movies.

3. I originally went into the bookstore looking for Some Girls Are but came across Cracked Up to Be instead. I'm absolutely in love with it so far. Courtney Summers definitely has a knack for capturing the perfect teen voice.

4. Lately, I've been really into jazz and blues music. Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald are just a few of my favorites. Listen for yourself here and here

5. My recent novel idea includes fairies, lots of them. Think Wicked Lovely meets Paranormal Activity. The only thing now is figuring out where to begin. 

So, what have you been crushing on this week? 
2 comments on "Thursday Love: A Few of My Favorite Things"
  1. No crushing on anything this week. Just getting feedback for my WiPs and making time to write more. Though...I am ecstatic about a book that is soon to be released by Susan Kaye Quinn. That was very exciting news.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Angela. I just checked out Susan Kaye Quinn's blog and Open Minds does sound really good.