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Saturday Sweet Reads: Jason and Kyra

Oct 8, 2011
I borrowed this one from a friend. I must have read it maybe twice, probably even more than that. It's really a sweet read.

I read it while I was in middle school. My thirteen-year-old self really loved this book. It gave me hope for the girls like me, awkward and totally unpopular.

Kyra Evans isn't popular, or a girl who you stare at when you are walking down the hall. So why can't Jason-basketball star and the hottest guy in school-get her out of his head?Under normal circumstances, Jason and Kyra would live in their separate worlds up until graduation. But fate intervenes and the unlikely duo is paired up for a class project. Preconceived notions abound on both sides. But Kyra soon realizes that Jason is not the dumb jock that she had assumed him to be. And Jason finds himself telling Kyra things he can't even tell his best friend. As the two become friends and eventually start to fall in love, no one in school can believe it-especially not Jason's ex, who is determined to break them up. Being together means navigating the obstacles that are coming their way-but staying apart may be impossible.

Image and description from Goodreads
2 comments on "Saturday Sweet Reads: Jason and Kyra"
  1. You're right -- this really sounds like a sweet read :-) Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks for the comment, and you're welcome.