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Jun 7, 2011

Now, I have to admit that even though I love writing and reading beautiful writing, I'm not exactly a poetry type of girl. You won't ever catch me at any spoken word sessions or even in that section of the bookstore. My last attempt to familiarize myself with it was so boring I wanted to rip my hair out, and I never went back to the class again. Bad, I know, but there's something about finding a beautiful quote in a two hundred page novel that speaks to me more. Almost like finding a beautiful blouse amongst rags in a thrift store, I feel lucky.

While roaming on the web I came across an online boutique, Ruche, flipped through their look-book and was totally inspired. The quotes, the photography, were breathtaking. It's one of best look-books I've seen on the web thus far as of this year. The poem below was my favorite.

While in my state of placidity 
I watch in awe as nature works its wonders
I see the trees dancing to the Wind's soft, sweet song
A host of birds announcing the end of a wondrous day
And array of brightly colored flowers
Flaunt their beauty to the world
The pillow-like clouds, like sheep, graze in a large blue meadow
And hide the seemingly shy sun

- Garrett Bradley

Poems like Mr. Garrett Bradley's are the reasons why I'll never stop writing. You can click on the front page to view the look-book full screen.

1 comment on "Inspiration"
  1. That poem is lovely. I completely agree with you about finding a truly mind blowing quote in a novel, it just seems more...special? But I am a poetry person as well. Thanks for sharing the look-book and Bradley's marvelous words. :)